Monday, June 27, 2016

New Release & Review - Pieces by Toni Aleo writing as T. Aleo

A Patchworks Novel 
by T. Aleo
Released: June 27, 2016

In New York City, an underground society of supernatural beings exists, hidden among everyday humans. They don’t know of our activities or any of our secrets.
The districts of the Works are made up of vampires, wolves, shifters, witches, and I’m in the fifth and arguably most important district, the Patchwork. My father is the leader of our group, and he oversees all of the other factions.
As his only daughter, that makes me the princess of it all. Cool, right? Actually…no. Sure, I live in a mansion and money isn’t an object, but that doesn’t matter because I can’t leave. I have a guard who follows me around 24/7. My father and three older brothers treat me like I’m a fragile piece of glass, never allowed to take an independent step or make any decisions on my own.
It’s beyond frustrating—especially since my father essentially runs my life. He says what I do, when I do it, how I do it, and all that jazz. He tests his formulas and new techniques on me. I’m a walking science experiment.
I hate it.
I hate my life here.
But then he comes along: Killian.
He’s just some vampire…or so I thought.
But you’ll have to read my story to find out what I mean. To know my secrets. Until then, though, allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Rebecca von Stein.
And I’m a descendant of Dr. Frankenstein.
Welcome to the Works.

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Wow! Toni Aleo is the queen of hockey romance but now she writes paranormal flawlessly. Is there anything she can’t write? I think not. 

She weaved this new world of witches, wolves, vampires and Dr. Frankenstein’s descendants, that had me hooked from the very first page. It was a fresh new story that I devoured in one sitting. This story was filled with suspense, mystery and romance. It had me on edge wanting, no, needing to know what would happen next.

I was surprised at the turn of events not knowing what to expect. It was refreshing to be surprised with each page. Oh and the end was frustrating and perfect and I wanted more. It’s not a cliffhanger per se but you’ll definitely want more. And I know Toni won’t let us down. She’ll give us more of this world and I can’t wait!


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